9 Reasons Why People Buy Luxury Cars

Foto: Flickr / StreetCarl

3. Status symbol

It might be superficial, but its true. Owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg Agera R, McLaren, or a Rolls Royce, will bring a certain something into your social life and your social status. People will see you as a powerful person, and, depending on the type of the car you drive, they may also see you as a classy, smart, successful, or fun. In some cases, depending on the car, you can be all of that.
Some people are forced (yes, forced!) to drive an expensive vehicle (when they are not being driven by their personal driver), because their business status simply demands it.
However, if a person has poor manners, and/or other similar issues, there is no super-car in the world that can help him/her. The class will be just an appearance, and it wont last too long. Your car can help you charm people, but it can also help you make them despise you. That part mostly depends on you.



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