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10 Sweet Exotic Cars

The McLaren 650S is a gorgeous supercar with loads of power under the hood. The engine is a 641 horsepower 3.8 liter twin-turbo beast, mated to a seven speed dual-clutch automatic.

Unlocking the Horsepower: 10 Most Powerful Cars on the Market

Most people like power. You don’t have to be passionate about it, but you have to admit that you prefer having power to being powerless. This simple truth is obvious, and you can find it in everything that surrounds us – even our homes and our toys. Passion for power is obvious when you look…

10 Upcoming Cars That Will Make You Lose Your Mind

Over the years, car technology and design have gone a long way. These upcoming cars are faster and more opulent than ever. Design wise, they look like something pulled straight from the future. These cars are destined to be the fastest in history. Photo by 2thetrack.com 1. Ferrari LaFerrari Is there any other brand more…