10 Sweet Exotic Cars

Ferrari FFPhoto by R_Simmerman Photography


3. Ferrari FF

The Ferrari FF is a two-door four seater with plenty of room and a whole lot of power. With all that space, the FF seems to be designed to be a mix of family coupe and supercar. The 651 horsepower 6.3 liter V-12 under the hood, makes the FF one of the world’s fastest grocery-getters. The seven-speed dual clutch automatic delivers power to an all-wheel drive system, giving the FF excellent stability. Although, with a motor that size, producing that much power, gas mileage suffers greatly. The Ferrari FF has an EPA estimated 11 mpg city and 16 mpg highway. The suspension is tuned for sport, giving you suburb handling when powering around corners while also doing a great job of dampening road feel.

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