16 Most Popular Exotic Cars

DSC05480Photo by iDiapo


3. McLaren 675 LT Supercar

Price: Estimated $600,000

The McLaren 675 LT Supercar recently debuted and its design was inspired by the company’s exotic 1997 F1 GTR race car. The new 675LT; however, features a significantly upgraded 3.8 liter, V-8 engine. The car features a Long Tail similar to the 1997 race car and it is only available as a coupe. The total power output for the 675 LT is presented in PS at 666 bhp. The company also put a big focus on optimizing the aerodynamics of the car and increased the overall power of the vehicle. This has helped make the auto one the most focused on the track in the company’s Super Series and it has a power-to-weight ratio that is unmatched by equivalent, exotic automobiles.

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