The 14 Best Sedans with All Wheel Drive

2016 BMW 3 Series and UpdatePhoto by faza_elh


3. BMW 3 Series

Starting price: $34,145

The BMW 3 Series is one of the best sedans on the market today with all-wheel drive. The auto includes the BMW xDrive all-wheel driving system, and the company makes a number of powertrains available for purchase with the auto. These include gasoline, diesel, and hybrid options with both manual and automatic transmission options for the vehicle based on driver’s preference. The automobile can go from zero to 60 MPH in just 5.2 seconds, and the overall gas mileage rating of the 3 Series is 23 MPG (city) and 35 MPG (highway). The interior of the automobile is rated as being extremely comfortable, but also very driver focused from driver feedback regarding the auto.


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