15 Reasons Why Classic Cars Had More Charm and Character Compared To Modern Cars

2012 Volkswagen CC - First DrivePhoto by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association


2. Modern Cars are not Unique

Over time, the total number of auto manufacturers in the world has decreased during the past several decades. Between company mergers, going out of business due to profitability concerns, and acquisitions, there is just not as much choice available to the consumer on a day-to-day basis as there was in the past resulting in modern cars not having as much charm and character as those made in the past. The varieties of autos that are sold on today’s market are less risky in their overall design appearance in order to ensure economic success of the model line. Even the largest car manufacturers are not able to afford the economic risk of putting a new auto model on the market without thorough testing and consumer feedback in hand. The negative fallout on the overall performance of the car manufacturer is big for just one failed car model in today’s economy. 


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