Great Cars If You’re On A Budget

2015 Scion iQ reviewPhoto by yayasan_permata_atjeh


9. Scion iQ

MSRP $15,665

If you don’t intend to drive much faster than 40 – 45 mph, the Scion iQ isn’t so bad. The largest drawback to the Scion iQ is the engine performance. The 94 horsepower, 1.3 liter engine mated to a CVT transmission has difficulty handling any real stress. Steep hills, highway speeds, merges that require quick acceleration all tax the iQ’s small engine. Of course, if you only intend to drive short distances, the engine performance won’t give any issues. The suspension is well built, giving a comfortable, smooth ride. The Scion iQ has good gas mileage, with 36 city and 37 highway mpg estimated by the EPA. The small size allows the Scion iQ to fit into tight parking spaces usually found in big cities, which is the kind of setting the Scion iQ was built for.


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