15 Coolest Concept Cars Ever Made

1938 Buick Y-JobPhoto by bluto2000


2. Buick Y-Job

The Buick Y-Job is considered to be one of the first concept cars. The Y-Job was designed by GM Design chief Harley Earl in 1938. The Y-Job was build to be an idea car. Using a Buick chassis, the Y-Job featured a number of new technology ideas for its time. Hidden headlights, a power top that disappeared under a hard tonneau, and power windows were all featured on the Y-Job. The Y-Job was much fancier than current vehicles at the time, with a longer, lower body and an extended rear deck. Harley Earl used it as a personal vehicle and had it painted gloss black. Every year he would have it repainted to keep it looking fresh. In 1947 the vehicle gained a few improvements such as push button door handles and fender skirts.


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