15 Best Off-Road Wheels

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10. XD Series by KMC Wheels XD798 Addict (Black Matte)

Starting price: $274.99

The XD Series by KMSC wheels XD798 Addict in black matte finish is one of the top off-road wheels sold today. KMC is one of the most established off-road wheel manufacturers, and the XD Series is well-tested by their sponsored racing teams for those who like to buy a proven performer despite the higher price for a truck or SUV. The overall wheel weight is 32.5 pounds, and the rim is 20 x 20 x 9 inches in size. The rim is a single piece construction, and the overall diameter is 20 inches with a rim width of nine inches and overall bolt pattern of five. The backspace of the model is 4.53 inches, and the bore diameter is 78.3 millimeters.


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