15 Best Cars that can Tow

Subaru Outback at the 2014 New York International Auto ShowPhoto by Joseph Brent


9. Subaru Outback

Towing capacity: 3,000 pounds

The Subaru Outback has long been a family favorite when it comes to driving a car that can haul a family around, sport a lot of stowage, and works well in the weather with its all-wheel drive. The Outback is also one of the top cars that can tow on the road today with a towing capacity of approximately 3,000 pounds. The 3.6 liter flat-six cylinder engine on the car is rated at 256 horsepower, and consumers can also choose to slightly better their gas mileage with the 2.5 liter flat-four cylinder engine rated at 175 horsepower. All models of the Outback come with the CVT (continuously variable transmission), and the fuel economy of the car is above average with a 20 MPG (city) and 27 MPG (highway) overall rating. For those who also demand some speed with their family car, the auto can go from zero to 60 MPH in just 6.9 seconds, and it has a top overall speed of 139 MPH.


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