11 Most Interesting Turbocharged Cars

IMG 1225Photo by NAParish


2. Ferrari 288 GTO (1984) and Ferrari F40 (1987)

The Ferrari brand has classically been “anti-turbocharging” during the company’s history. The two exceptions are the 288 GTO (1984) and F40 (1987) that were created by the company. The 288 GTO was originally created as a road racing car. The 288 GTO featured a smaller V8 (2.8 liter) with a pair of IHI turbochargers, and an engine that was installed with a north-south orientation in the vehicle, and a redesigned body shell for the vehicle. The end result was a turbo rated at 400 horsepower that could go a max speed of 189 MPH and a zero to 60 rating of 4 seconds. For the 40th anniversary of the company, the F40 was created using the 2.9 liter turbo charged engine, rated at 471 horsepower. The F40 had a maximum speed of just over 200 MPH and a zero to 60 time close to three seconds. The model was the first auto made for production to be certified to reach a top speed of 200 MPH.

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