15 Cars You Should Drive Before You Die

"Stirling Moss" - Ferrari 250GT SWB- "1 SWB" - 1997 GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEEDPhoto by PSParrot


2. Ferrari 250GT SWB

When a car aficionado first things of a luxury sports car, the Ferrari 250GT SWB is one of the first autos to come to mind. When the power of a V-12 engine is added to the mix similar to the original design of the vehicle, the auto definitely fits in any list of cars that one should drive before you die. The Ferrari 250 GT SWB (short wheel base) just sounds cool when running. Between the engine noise exhaust, the auto gives off an aurora of power and the street-legal versions of the vehicle are rated between 220 and 240 horsepower. One of the most popular Ferrari builds is the Pininfarina-styled Gran Turismoberlinetta that was produced by the company between 1960 and 1962. The shifter of the auto is one of the best to give the driver a true feel of the car that is hard to match with modern sports car builds which use an electronic throttle.

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