15 Cars with Gull Wing Doors

VW-Porsche Tapiro ConceptPhoto by Auto Clasico


2. Porsche Tapiro

Top speed: 150 MPH

The Porsche Tapiro is one of the most iconic cars with gull wing doors. The auto was produced as a fully functioning concept car for the Turin Motor Show in 1970, and it was designed by Girogetto Giurgiaro. The car features straight, crisp lines and an overall wedge shape. The auto was the 4th overall prototype created by Giurgiaro, and it is based on the Porsche 9146 chassis powered by a 2.4 liter flat-six cylinder engine. The car’s engine is 2400 cc in size and is rated at 220 horsepower when the engine is at 7800 RPM. The car is just shy of 160 inches in length and has a 96.5 inch overall wheel base. The car was purchased and driven by a Spanish industrialist until it was significantly damaged by protestors. Today, it can be found in the Giugiaro Museum in Italy.

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