15 Car Designs That Changed The Industry

Ford Model TPhoto by GPS 56


2. Ford’s Model T – 1908

The Ford Model T revolutionized the industry in three ways: it introduced cars made in an assembly line, made the car affordable to middle-class people, and opened up the worldwide car market. Before using the benefits of an assembly line to produce cars, they were hand-fabricated. The Ford Model T was the first car to be produced in this way and made it more reliable and efficient. Henry Ford didn’t invent the assembly line method himself, but he was the first to incorporate it as the means to make a car, which is still being used to this day (albeit with higher technology machinery). Furthermore, the car became available to middle-class people due to the assembly line’s streamlined processes. Before this, the car was affordable only to the wealthy. Last but not least, Ford made the Model T the first car sold globally by opening factories all over the world. With him doing this, people worldwide would not have to pay for shipment. Thirdly, competitors started producing better cars, whereas Ford was not willing to spend on design and style due to focusing on keeping prices low. This, however, was good in the long run because it expanded the variety of makers around the world. Wouldn’t it be boring if we had only a few makers to choose from when deciding on our next car purchase?

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