11 Cars That Can Change Your Life


Dacia Duster

Some would think that we have something against Dacia. We don’t. Honestly. However, some of their cars are simply not good. When Duster fist showed up, people were surprised. An affordable car (11,500 USD), in fact an SUV, and it doesn’t look bad at all! Europeans were happy, mostly because Duster had only 1598 cc (which meant less expensive ride, and less money spent on registration and paperwork. Yes, this will make sense to the readers who come from Eastern Europe, for example.)

Most owners ended up disappointed and insecure driving this car. How can things become even worse for you as the owner? Well, if you want to sell a used Duster, even if it’s almost new, don’t expect to get a good price. Yes, it can definitely change your life, and seriously harm your self-confidence and your self-image of a reasonable and smart car buyer.

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