Top 14 Most Iconic Sports Cars Of All Time

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2. Dodge Viper

Featuring a wildly swoopy body and a massive ten-cylinder engine,  Viper was all speed, tire-smoke and drama. The original Viper debuted for the 1992 model year. In many ways, it was a shockingly raw and unrefined vehicle. It lacked both side windows and exterior door handles, for instance. Instead of windows, the Viper had clear vinyl “flaps” that could be set in place to keep out wind and rain.

Other “unique” features included door sills that got exceedingly hot (due to the car’s side-mounted exhaust pipes) and a bare-bones, plastic-clad interior that looked conspicuously out of place in car that cost around $60,000 in the early 1990’s. None of that really mattered, though. The Viper wasn’t supposed to be comfortable. It was about speed and attracting attention wherever it went. Even 20 years later, it still turns heads.

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