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15 Safe Small SUVs

In the modern day, manufacturers are working on providing safer sport utility vehicles, especially in the small version and crossover categories.

21 Top Selling Cars of 2015

Photo by Automotive Rhythms 1. Ford F-150 MSRP: $33,580 The Ford F-150 and other F-Series pickup trucks from the Ford Motor Company were the top selling car of 2015. Ford sold more than 695,144 of the trucks this year which was almost 20,000 more than in 2014. The F-150 is also one of the most…

The Best Affordable SUVs

Kia Sportage   Kia made a good and affordable car, that also looks great. The price is good, too – it ranges between $22,400 and $28,400. You can find both diesel and petrol Sportages, and opt for manual or automatic transmission. Fuel economy is good, the car is powerful enough and very easy to handle.…