Top 15 Coolest Police Cars in the U.S.

Redondo Beach, CA Police Dodge ChargerPhoto by Have Fun SVO


2. Dodge Charger LX

The Dodge Charger LX is a popular rear-wheel drive automobile used by police forces in the United States. The automobile was first introduced to the market in February 2005, and the police version debuted in early 2006. Dodge includes upgraded, heavy-duty brakes, a police performance Electronic Stability Program, gear shifted mounted on the steering column, and police performance-tuned steering. The car is equipped with a 340 HP Hemi V8 that has a maximum speed of 146 MPH. In recent years, Chrysler has released a 3.5 L V6 fuel efficient engine for the vehicle that is popular with police departments coming under budget constraints. Between 2011 and 2015 the police model was branded as the Dodge Charger Pursuit, with the company refreshing the car to the regular version for 2015.

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