14 Cars That Don’t Hold Their Resale Value

Nissan_TITAN XD-14Photo by SAUD AL – OLAYAN


9. Nissan Titan

This time, we veer away from SUVs to a full-sized pick up truck. The Nissan Titan has a V8 engine, and that means more power and fuel consumption. The problem is, this truck has a lower fuel economy and fewer features than comparable models. Nissan offers several versions of the Titan including the S, the SV, the Pro-4X, the SL and the Platinum Reserve.

The starting MSRP for the base model Nissan Titan S is $40,290. The higher end Platinum Reserve has a starting MSRP of more than $57,000 according to the Nissan website. Perhaps it’s due to low gas mileage or a somewhat dated look, but the Nissan Titan has the lowest residual value of any full-sized truck currently on the market. After five years, the Titan will drop to only 30% of its original value.

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