11 Cars That Can Change Your Life


Honda Prelude

Most people who have owned a Prelude will probably have only good things to say about it. The production stopped in 2001, but many of these cars are still in great shape. Some owners will talk about their Preludes with nostalgia. This makes sense, for several reasons.

At the time, Prelude was revolutionary. Some of the models came with 4WS (four wheel steering), which made driving a fantastic experience, and parking much easier. Some of the Formula 1 drivers took part in developing some Prelude types, and Prelude was actually utilized as a safety car in Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix.

The most popular model was probably 1990-91. The body line was elegant, the car had great performances, was made of quality materials, and it was easy to maintain. Prelude was also perfect for styling and tuning. Additional spoilers look great on it, and if done well, styling and tuning will make the driving experience even more fun.

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