15 Safe Small SUVs

2016 Buick Encore Design, Engine And PricePhoto by firatunaini


2. Buick Encore

Buick’s Encore is a slightly larger SUV, but still stays within the compact parameters. And, it is another safe choice for those interested. Despite the fact that it sits higher off the ground, the rollover ratings and roof strength tests all came back as good, which is the highest rating from the Insurance Instutute for Highway Safety.

The only area where the Buick Encore suffered was small front overlap test. This is considered the most strenuous test and very hard to pass, so it isn’t a complete surprise that the SUV got a lower rating. However, overall, this remains a very safe vehicle. And, Buick has already indicated that they are working on rectifying the concerns with the small overlap front test, and that means future models will be even safer.


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