14 Affordable and Safe Large Family Cars

P90053745Photo by Automotive Rhythms


14. BMW 5 Series

Starting price: $51,195

The BMW 5 Series has undergone a transformation over the past several model years, and today it is one of the safest large family cars on the market. When compared to other luxury sedans, the 5 Series is very affordably priced, and all of the engines sold with the car are turbocharged. The car is sold with a diesel inline six cylinder, a four-cylinder gasoline engine, an inline-six, an eight-cylinder, and a gas-electric hybrid. All of the engine choices are sold with an eight-speed automatic transmission, and all but the hybrid give the consumer a chance to upgrade to all-wheel drive if desired. The car can go from zero to 60 MPH in just 5.3 seconds, and its top overall speed is 127 MPH. The overall fuel economy of the car is rated at 20 MPG (city) and 29 MPG (highway) putting it average when compared to cars of the same class on the market today.


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