14 Of The Worst Cars Ever Shown At The Detroit Auto Show

Chevrolet Monte Carlo Coupe Z34-1995-01Photo by Rueede DreamCars AG


4. Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1994)

Chevrolet made a big deal when they announced the return of the Monte-Carlo in 1994. Calling it the rebirth of an icon, Chevrolet had high expectations for the revived vehicle. Too bad they didn’t bother designing a new car and basically slapped the Monte Carlo name on a Lumina coupe. The vehicle was nowhere near worthy of the Monte Carlo name. Gone were the powerful muscle car motors that the old models were loved for, and in its place was a fuel efficient V6 motor. The vehicle wasn’t rear wheel drive either, instead following the lead of the Lumina sedan and opting for front wheel drive. This was less of a rebirth and more of a gimmick, and the public saw right through it.

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