15 Most Popular Student Cars

Honda Civic Type-RPhoto by Titoy’ 


2. Honda Civic

Cost: $18,900

Gas Mileage: 45 MPG combined

The Honda Civic has been a popular car for students since the 1990s. The model is one of the most reliable and comfortable vehicles on the market, and unlike other compact cars, are extremely roomy. Another big benefit when making the Civic one’s choice of auto to drive to school is that the Honda brand helps the car retain its value for a longer period of time than newer or lesser-known brands. Nothing beats the 45 MPG combined gas mileage along with an initial price point that is under $20,000. The Honda Civic is one of the safest cars appropriate for student use available on the market helping make it popular with parents who want to keep their child safe while driving to and from school.

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