10 Most Fuel Efficient Hybrids of 2016

2013 Ford C-Max HybridPhoto by Ryan Finnie


3. Ford C-Max Hybrid

MPG 42 City / 37 Hwy

The C-Max is a fun to drive alternative to the typical lackluster hybrids most people are familiar with. The steering is firm and responsive and the chassis is well crafted, giving the C-Max an athletic feel when zipping through traffic. A four-cylinder engine and a pair of electric motors produce 141 horsepower, which is ample for the little car. The EPA estimates the gas mileage at 42 mpg city and 37 mpg highway, which translates to decent savings at the pump. For a hybrid vehicle the C-Max gets decent acceleration in lower power bands, so you won’t need to worry when you have to pass or merge with highway traffic. A plug-in version of the C-Max is offered, but it gets 3 mpg less than the hybrid model.

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